Follow These Four Simple Steps To Create Your Goal Plan

The unsexy, but extremely useful guide to help you go from goal setting to goal doing.

> Rhubarb and no custard? Ewww! Don’t even think about it! <
  • If you want to run 5km you have to practice running.
  • If you want to knit a scarf, you have to fit knitting into your day.
  • If you want to open your own Etsy shop, you have to find time to work on your business.
Goal = lose weight
Goal = knit a scarf
  • When are you going to wake up early before work? 5x a week? Monday, Wednesday, Friday?
  • What days will you knit in your lunch break?
  • If it is lunch time, then I will have a protein shake
  • If I find myself on the Just Eat app, then I will make myself beans on toast
> You wouldn’t go hiking without a geographical map.
Don’t set a goal without a goal map !<

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