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Writer. Meditation Maker. Podcaster. Learner. ❤️ Acceptance. Improvement. Gratitude. Joy. ❤️


  • Stacy Cellier-Gomez

    Stacy Cellier-Gomez

    International Author-professional Lyme fighter- qualified medical BS detector-experienced muse w/helping others battling illness-Lyme awareness advocate- friend

  • Michael T Gililland

    Michael T Gililland

    Co-Founder/Owner Not Average Inc. | | | Co-Host of The Not Average Audio Experience | Husband | Great Friend |

  • Jade Eby

    Jade Eby

    Creative Empowerment Advocate • Novelist and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach • Professional cat-herder

  • Andry Chen

    Andry Chen

    married, born 1985, 3 children, want to find knowledge and enterpreneurship well, great, and usefull, from jakarta- Indonesia.

  • Kathleen McLatchie

    Kathleen McLatchie

  • Michael Maupin

    Michael Maupin

    Writer, editor, and media maker. Blogs at Completely in the Dark ( and lives in Minneapolis, MN. I notice things.

  • Yogesh soni

    Yogesh soni

    stock market enthusiast . learner, books reader

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