How To Set Goals To Get Results (Part 1)

Your no frills guide. Part one, focusing on the why and the win.

> This goal setting malarkey is tricky, it definitely requires a minimum of two doughnuts <
  • Goal = write my own novel Why = so I can go on a book tour and meet fans
  • Goal = own my business Why = so I can travel the world
  • Goal = pass my exams Why = so I can prove to my tutor I can do it
  • Goal = learn the guitar Why = so I can hear my song on the radio
  • Goal = lose weight Why = so I can buy a size 10 wedding dress and feel
    gorgeous on my big day
  • Goal = Get six pack abs Why = so I don’t feel self-conscious when I swim
  • Goal = Touch my toes Why = so I am not the only person in my yoga class who cannot do it
  • Goal = Qualify as a X Why = so I never have to wait tables again
  • Goal = Buy a new BMW Why = so I don’t feel embarrassed when I turn up to client meetings in my hunk-a-junk car



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