How To Turn Your Wish, Into A Goal, Into Reality

> Ice cream, superheros and unicorns — these are things I used to wish for! <

As children we were forever making wishes. When you caught a dandelion seed in the air (a.k.a. a fairy!) you made a wish.

When you blew out the candles on your birthday cake, you made a wish.

When you gazed out into the night time sky, you wished upon a star.

As an adult I cannot remember the last time I did any of those things! We don’t seem to wish anymore, at least not in the same way we once did as children; you know to ride on a unicorn, or for never ending ice cream or to be a superhero…

Adult wishes are instead firmly grounded in reality and probably focus on one (or more) of these four areas:

1. Career/money
2. Health/wellbeing
3. Leisure/hobbies
4. Relationships

It is only when we start to think about how we make those wishes come true, that they turn into goals.

This tends to be the first step that most people fall down over (myself included). It is much nicer to daydream about becoming a millionaire, for example, than to actually think about how to make a million pounds.

The act of goal setting can be riddled with anxiety and fear. Because what if we set our hearts on something and then don’t get it?

Then we have to face that scary F word


It is much easier to definitely NOT try because then you definitely WON’T fail, than it is to actually try something where failure is a very real possibility.

And unfortunately when things make us feel anxious or scared we go into AVOID mode and procrastinate. Your wish remains a wish forever.

So how do we get past these negative emotions that make us feel crappy and start to turn our wishes, into goals and into reality?

Over the next weeks I will be sending writing a weekly series of posts which will break down step-by-step exactly how to do just this. You will learn about:

*The mindset changes that you need to make before you start anything
* How to actually set a goal
* How to make a plan to achieve your goal
* Psychology based strategies to help you STICK to your goal
* Tips and tricks on goal achievement from the super successful

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Writer. Meditation Maker. Podcaster. Learner. ❤️ Acceptance. Improvement. Gratitude. Joy. ❤️

Writer. Meditation Maker. Podcaster. Learner. ❤️ Acceptance. Improvement. Gratitude. Joy. ❤️