Six Reasons Why You Should Be More Like A Dog

To be a better human, you must not act like a human! This post comes with a warning, you may experience cute dog photo overload!

1. Dogs LOVE Exercise

> Be honest, have you ever enjoyed anything, let alone exercise this much?! <

2. Dogs Enjoy The Simple Things

> Except baths apparently. This dog hates baths <

3. Dogs Embrace Change

> Yeah he is chewing right now, but in 5 seconds he can just as easily nap, or eat or play <

4. Dogs Sleep, A Lot

> New saying: you snooze, you do NOT lose <

5. Dogs Make Other People Feel Good

> I dare you to tell me that you don’t get oodles of fuzzy, joyful feelings from his gorgeous face <

6. Dogs Keep Going

> Never have I seen a more cunning and tenacious display of connivery than a dog who tries their darnedest to eat your leftovers <

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