So You’ve Set A Goal, Now What? Four Steps To Absolutely Smashing It

You have crafted the perfect SMART goal, … you’re pumped and fired up and ready to go. Now how the hell do you actually go about achieving it?

180 degrees — I am coming for you!

1. Admit it to yourself — why is it painful to stay where you are?

Picture this. I had been going to my pole fit classes for a while and I was getting stronger, but remained about as flexible as a breadstick. It soon became apparent that due to my lack of flexibility there were some moves I just could not do.

2. Picture it — why would achieving your goal be amazing and worthwhile?

I used to daydream about being able to do all the flexy moves in pole class with ease. My classmates would look over and give me a woop, my teacher would say “Yes Alison!” and I would imagine how proud I would feel getting into the most beautiful positions with my toes by my ears knowing that all my hard work paid off.

3. Make yourself accountable

World Champion Wrestler turned Yoga guru, Diamond Dallas Page says “Don’t just think it, ink it”. DDP knows that if your goal is just in your head, it is easy for it to get covered up with all the other crap that you think about on a daily basis. If your goal is just in your head, it is easy to forget it. If your goal is just in your head, it is easy to not care about whether you achieve it. If your goal is just in your head, it is easy to let yourself down, over and over and over again.

My goal. Printed on my mug. There is no easy way out now!

4. Measure your progress

You have probably heard of the goal setting acronym; SMART. Typically it is used by boring managementy people (I should know, I am one 😆) but in this instance, it is also kinda useful. When you set a goal it should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Now it is your turn to take action!

If you want to take your goal achievement to the next level, then why not get your goal personalised on your brand new coffee mug? Don’t give yourself an easy way out and instead, leverage the power of accountability while you are sipping your tea! If you are interested in getting your own personal goal mug, click here for more info.



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