We are Magic Time Travellers!

Stop living a future that hasn’t happened yet.

How to use that thing between my ears better.

This is one of those sentences that seems like it’s blatantly obvious. Of course, none of us have crystal balls that we can look into and see what will happen in the future! So we have to make guesses as to what will happen and we guess using words.

But when you think about it, when you really think about it, the implications of this are mind-blowing.

Until we actually live the future (which by the way will instantly become the present), we create it.

Just as a thought about cake leads to feeling a craving for cake, a negative thought about the future leads to feeling anxiety or fear about it.

Thus it is possible to take something that does not exist and yet experience it in your mind and body as if it were happening now.

Let me rephrase this for you. We are magic time travellers. We are goddamn magic time travellers with the ability to travel to literally anywhere! So please tell me why do we choose to visit crappy destinations over and over again?

Of course, we are constrained by the laws of the real world, and destinations that are closer in the future will be more likely to resemble present reality. But farther in the future, there are more opportunities for things to be different, wildly excitingly different. For example, 10 years ago I would never have dreamt I’d be in a pandemic, I’d be living up north, I’d be a dog mum, I’d be more in love with my partner than ever before, I’d be paid to money to do a job that I love and that helps people and that I’d be having incredible adventures with incredible people. I would never have imagined any of it…although I could have.

With lockdown 2.0 things feel dreary now and I find myself travelling to a future where they are still dreary and have been for a long time. And when I think this, I feel anxious, I feel sad, I feel scared. But really I have no idea what the future holds so why should it make me feel bad now?

I think a better idea is to go into the time travel machine between my ears and enter the coordinates for a few years from now by saying the magic words for what I actually *want* to experience?

It might never become my reality, but neither might the other stuff I think about. So why not just think about something nice?

Writer. Meditation Maker. Podcaster. Learner. ❤️ Acceptance. Improvement. Gratitude. Joy. ❤️

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